About our Manufacturer

At Bitcoin Merit Badge, we’re passionate about Bitcoin and financial sovereignty. After seeking to have our original manufacturer accept Bitcoin, we were denied and began looking for a Bitcoin-friendly manufacturer. That’s when we found Patchion.

Patchion has been accepting Bitcoin since 2011, accepts payment through the Lightning Network, and even offers discounts when you buy with Bitcoin. While we don’t believe that onboarding merchants is the way to raise the value of Bitcoin, increasing the options to use Bitcoin allows more opportunities for people and businesses to free themselves from dependence on fiat currencies.

Patchion creates high-quality custom embroidered patches with no minimum orders, and they work with you to make your patches look great. Big or small, one patch or one thousand, when you need a custom embroidered patch, Patchion is your solution. And with global shipping, it doesn’t matter where you live, Patchion is there for you. Check them out at https://patchion.uk